Cartizze Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG

Cartizze is from the vineyard Col Maset in the central area of Cartizze. With its olfactory strenght, the high aromatic complexity and a unique cremosity, Cartizze conquers anybody, even the most demanding palates.

Technical Sheet

Origin: Hills of Cartizze Saccol in Valdobbiadene

Vineyard: Glera 100% (called Prosecco)

Elevation: 280 m. s.l.m.

Orientation: South, South-West

Upbringing: Valdobbiadene traditional way, cappuccina modificata

Vineyard medium age: 45 years

Yield q/ha 120

Harvest: end of September, only by hand and selected

Wine-making: white full grapes with soft pressure

First fermentation and improvement: Controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.

Froth: in autoclave according to the Italian technique “Martinotti” for 30/40 days

Analytic features

Alcoholic gradation 11,5%

Residual sugar 25 g/l

Pressure 4.5 bar

Organoleptic features

Color: straw yellow empty

Perlage: very fine and balanced

Aroma: Intense and delicate with flowers peculiarity like rose and wildviolet with fruity scent of apple and September peach

Taste: soft, enchanting and velvety, slightly aromatic.


Preservation: cool space (12-18 degrees) away from light if possible, vertical position. Avoiding long time in fridge.

Service temperature : 8 degrees


6 bottles box 0,75lt

Packaging about 3, 2 or 1 bottle 0,75 lt


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