D.O.C.G. map

The territory of Valdobbiadene Conegliano DOCG concerns 15 districts in the hill zone. This area can be divided into two parts: the eastern one named district of Conegliano, made of mild hills and heavy grounds of dark red color, sometimes with an abundant structure. The western one named district of Valdobbiadene is characterized by high and steep hills, with different terrains: sedimentary limestones, marl and sandstones from Miocene. Especially for this particular and unique physical-chemical appearance of the ground, the district of Valdobbiadene is the most renowned. Here it is where our vineyards grow.

In this map of Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. you can see the location of our vineyards: Maset, Bastia, Saccol, Cima, I’noi, Fii.


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Our vines

We believe in the various qualities this wonderful land offers to obtain a good wine: a real expression of theterritory and of the thoughts of the winemaker..