My Philosophy

I like to think that there is only one way to grow a vine and that future viticulture will be free from classification based on decisions and on working methods.

Concerning the concept of natural wine, I think that even the simple pruning is the most unnatural operation you can perform on a vine: that is what keeps me away from that coveted adjective.

Within my experience I realized that for a winemaker the most important principle to pursue is enclosed in a single word: balance!

The balance between tradition and innovation, sensitivity and experience, nature and technology is crucial to obtain a unique wine that can express a terroir.

This is the only wine able to move me and the wine which I am working for.

For some years now we have been part of Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti FIVI, an association born in 2008 with almost 1000 winemakers from all over Italy. The aim is to protect our land and our interests in a moral, technical, social, economic and administrative field.