Piedmont disctrict in the province of Treviso, Valdobbiadene is dominated by an amphitheatre of mountains which protect it from the cold alpine wind. Almost completely composed of ripid and steep hills, the terrain in this area is particularly nourishing thanks to its physical and chemical appearance. Therefore, it is perfect for the cultivation of Glera vine (Prosecco) which is recognized as Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G.


For centuries the cultivation of grapes has been the heart of this territory and its population.


SACCOL is a village in the middle of Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G. territory and it marks the well-known area of Cartizze together with the two hamlets San Pietro di Barbozza and Santo Stefano. The hill, which dominates Saccol, is called Bastia: name that I used for my wines‘ brand.